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Kids (5-13): 5:30-6:30pm
Adults (14+): 6:45-8:00pm


All ages: 9:00-10:00am

Barongan Kempo Curriculum

Different Karate Ranks

The basic curriculum listed for each rank in our system of Kempo Karate. This list outlines required knowledge of kicks, strikes, takedowns, and weapons.

Each rank below black belt is responsible for learning the building blocks of kempo, each contributes to a toolkit that is used to mold a true martial artist. The effectiveness of single techniques is limited. The total curriculum, with diligent study, will provide an arsenal of powerful, effective responses to attacks while shaping a more thoughtful and well-rounded individual. No matter the style or system, it is understanding, not memorization that makes a true martial artist.

Yellow Belt

Shichi kyu 7th

  • Different Forms of Bowing
  • Breakfalls
  • Stances
  • Sixteen Chinese Fists
  • Whipping Blocks
  • Ten Basic Kicks
  • Kata
  • Self Defense Sets (Defend from Punches and Kicks)

Green Belt

Roku kyu 6th

  • Advanced Stances
  • Body Shifting
  • Advanced Kicking
  • Advanced Kicking Combinations
  • Kata
  • Weapons
  • Advanced Takedowns

Blue Belt

Go kyu 5th

  • Galang - Arnis Salutation
  • Advanced Kicking Combinations
  • Advanced Takedowns (5) (Defend from Grabs and Pushes)
  • Kata
  • Weapons
  • Double Baston - 3 min Free Form
  • Arnis Point Sparring
  • Grappling Controlled Advanced Takedowns (5)

Purple Belt

Yon kyu 4th

  • Arnis Kicking Maneuvers
  • Identify Pressure Points
  • Kata
  • Weapons
  • Weapon Self Defense
  • Solo Baston - "Hubad"

Brown Belt

San kyu 3rd

  • Kata
  • Self Defense - 2 man attack (5)
  • Weapons
  • Teaching Time Required

Brown Belt

Ni kyu 2nd

  • Kata
  • Weapons
  • Kenjitsu
  • Situational Self Defense Weapon vs Weapon
  • Teaching Time Required

Brown Belt

Ichi kyu 1st

  • Kata
  • Weapons
  • Kendo
  • Situational Self Defense
  • Teaching Time Required

Black Belt


  • Cumulative, yellow through brown belt
  • Principles of teaching


  • Multiple kata
  • Multiple weapon
  • Specialty presentation
  • Breaking
  • Tameshigiri


  • Two years after Nidan promotion
  • Teaching time required
  • Multiple weapon
  • Filipino martial arts expertise
  • Multiple kata
  • Tameshigiri, multiple cuts


  • Two years after Sandan promotion
  • Kempo principles and traits
  • Thesis on principles of teaching
  • Multiple kata
  • Multiple weapon